HotRodHarrys - NAUTILUS - 1976 Radical Custom 70's Van
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HotRodHarrys 1976 Radical Custom 70's Van "NAUTILUS"

The Legend Lives On...

March 2017 ... My 126th Vehicle Owned

August 2017 Bought It Back ... My 128th Vehicle Owned

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Originally created by Rick Hooper back in the fall of 1975

to be one of the most famous Radical Custom Vans

to grace 100's of magazine's through the years.

They did some amazing work back back then ....

Resurrected and saved by Jim and Lucy Newkirk of Ohio

from 2006 to 2009...thank God for people like them to

keep the legend alive....we are eternally grateful

They had Greg "Coop" Cooper lay the amazing paint on in 2007 and 2008.

Talk about talent...overflowing....

Then to NY for a short stay in 2010 ....

Onto California in 2011 and the next legendary owner Tom

Chronister who created the infamous Deathstar Custom

Van Back In the 1970's. They had "Coop" redo some paint

and body work and redid quite a few items on Nautilus to

make it that much better and pay homage to its original in new glass..etching..etc...

Tom also had the engine and trans rebuilt. Rebuilt 318 V8 with 340 heads that are still on from when Rick Hooper owned it.... Rebuilt 727 trans. Runs and Drives Amazing.

Has some paint bubbles in the paint...paint is 11 years old now. Amazing condition. Always Garaged.

Special thanks to

Rick and Diane Hooper

Bill and Lucy Newkirk,

Bill Hitz,

Denny Smith,

Tom and Heather Chronister,

Greg "Coop" Cooper,

Dennis Conko

Doug "Virual Vanner"

and especially Rick Hooper for creating such a cool van

Now Its My Turn...

Check out more on the history with numerous photos

thanks to and and

Doug Virtual Vanner . I have a link below for that story....

Here is a short Video shot by Doug Virtual Vanner


Here is a link to view the history and restoration of "Nautilus"

The Life Of A Legendary Custom 70's Van Click Here

Once you're on that page..more links of the life of Nautilus are at

the bottom of that page. Thank you .... Photos are more current the further down the page you go...

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