HotRodHarrys 1971 Dodge Demon 340 (sold)
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Our 1971 Dodge Demon 340 Numbers Matching

My 127th Car Owned

Painted in Top Banana

4 Speed Transmission

3.91 Sure-Grip Rear

Manual Steering, Manual Brakes, Tach, Gauges

True 70's Musclecar

Only Weighed 3,165 lbs

Underrated at 275 hp to keep insurance down.

In this 71 high compression last year form is said to have really made 330 hp.

It Really surprised a lot of big block muscle car owners back in the day.

Click Here To See A Quick Short Video ... More To Come

Another Video Now - 8-5-17

Some info on the last higher horse production 340 in our 1971 compared to the lower hp and compression 72 Demon.

Stock is rated 275 back in 71 ... In 72 Mopar went down in compression (8.5:1) and hp was like 240 .... The high compression (10.5:1) 340 cars in 71 were all rated 275 hp only. It is said in 71 it was really about 330 hp. 71 had forged crank shafts..72 cast. 71 and 72 both had 850 cfm Thermoquad carbs. Fun cars and engines. 340 engines were painted oriange up until late 71 and in 72 the corporate blue paint color was used.

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