HotRodHarrys (SOLD) 73 Dodge 70's Custom Van 500 HP Engine Build - Denny's Dynasty
By: Harry Mager | 07.20.2017 | 12:19:22 | Views: 1668

My 1973 Dodge 70's Custom 500hp Engine Build.


My 1973 Dodge 70's Custom Van 500hp Engine Build. Made 453 hp and 498 torque.

Original 318 V8 bored and stroked to 395 cu. inches!!
(about 1200 miles on it so far...7-19-17) Insanely fast for a fully original 70's custom inside and out Van. A true 70's Survivor Van with an Attitude Now..Mopar Style!
Jeff at Jims Car Shop in Wisconsin does amazing work. He builds big time quick Mopar Race Cars...920-922-2658

Forged I Beam Rods...Forged Pistons 11.2:1 compression...Solid Lifter Cam...Aluminum Performer RPM Edelbrock heads worked big time...Aluminum Edelbrock RPM Air Gap Intake ...750 Demon Carb....727 torqueflite trans with a 3,000 stall converter....etc...etc...(
see the parts/work done photos below). Here is a link to the photo album of our survivor 1973 Custom Van created in the 1970s ..named " Denny's Dynasty "
Also on our website here at and on our You Tube Channel . We are on Instagram and Twitter also #HotRodHarrys#HotRodHarrysGarage
Originally from Wisconsin ....then North Dakota and named Denny's Dynasty.Won many awards back then in the Show Van circuit.Then from 1974 to 2008 spent some time in North Dakota named Denny's Dynasty in 1975 by Denny Brossart the 2nd owner.....back to Wisconsin and now here with us in NJ.

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