1973 Cutlass S - 455/4-spd.
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"Sold in 1998"

The one and only 1973 Cutlass 'S'(non 442) with 455 4-speed Bench Seat! 'V' code (UD) - same engine as the rare 1973 L77 455 optioned Hurst/Olds. Factory 2 tone paint, ac., and bench seat. Yes this is "The Only Bench Seat V code 4 speed car ever made in 1973."

No stripes, no SS, GTO, or 442 emblems, no hood scoops, no 396, 454, or 455 engine size emblems. Just a lopey idle through the dual exhaust. Little did anyone know that a torque monster 455 backed by a M20 4 speed transmission that was lurking under that innocent Olds Cutlass clothing. SURPRISE!!! as the 73 tail lights get smaller. Huh? What was that? I think you just got beat buy a 73 Olds Cutlass?

Original magazine test 0-60 mph in 6.8 sec. 1/4 mile in the 14.80s - Thats factory stock with the 455 and 4spd. The auto. was a full second slower to 60 mph, and 1.2 seconds slower in the 1/4 mile.(W-MACHINES magazine vol.III issue VI June 1984).

Amazing what the 4 speed camshaft and big valved heads do for performance.

THIS CAR IS THE HIGHEST PERFORMANCE CAR THAT YOU COULD GET FROM OLDSMOBILE IN 73.(For Drag racing that is). If you wanted the car to handle, better get the FE2 option. For sportier looks and better handling you would get option W29(442).


A Real Wolf in Sheeps Clothing - gone but not forgotten!

THANKS TO THE ORIGINAL OWNER. When I purchased her on 8-19-98 she had only 8,902 miles! SOLD MARCH OF 1999 To an Olds Collector... she is safe and sound.

THE HISTORY OF MY 73 CUTLASS HISTORY/info... I purchased this car from an estate sale (in New Jersey by a friend of the original owners) of the original owner who had past away (from Diabetes) and was from Pennsylvania. My dad found out about the 73 at a car club function, he told me about her that night. A 455 FOUR SPEED!! I said... I did alot of research that night.

The next day I went and fell in love with this car. Even with all the vaseline with years of dirt in the vaseline and spots of roof tar from the garages roof she was stored in. SOLD!! I could see this car was going to clean up fine. The car was stored for most of her life covered in Vaseline! That strange way of preservation worked incredible. So after alot of prep work she fired to life Sept. 2, 1998 and now will mostly be trailered to keep the mileage down.

This car is 100% factory original everything. Including tires, hoses, clamps, window sticker, delivery stickers etc.. Options on the car are: aircond., ps., pdb., engine block heater(codeK05), bench seat, pwr. windows, clock, guages, am/fm 8track 4speaker stereo, 455 "V"(UD)code engine, 4 speed M20 trans. with a Hurst shifter. The orig. owner wanted a musclecar without all the stripes. He wanted a bigblock, 4speed and Bench seat. More like the early to mid sixties musclecars. The color is Cameo White (code 11) with a Cranberry Red (code 74) painted roof. That color combo was special ordered by the original owner so his car would be different than others, to make the car a rare breed. From day one his only intentions were to put this car away and preserve her for the future.

The engine area is still as the factory put it together. The air cleaner is dual snorkel type with a 442 decal on lid. "THIS CAR WAS ALSO NOT UNDERCOATED " The cam in this stick car has a very nice lope to it. Very similar to the 67 W30s. You could get the high horsepower stick engine in an automatic with no a/c by ordering a Hurst Olds with option L77 / W-46. (In 73') Oldsmobile musclecars definitely did not die after 72 as this 73 wolf in sheeps clothing is proof.

If you have any questions about these year Oldsmobile Cutlass' including type and location of decals and stickers, as this car has all the original ones on her. (example.. there is even a "BA"code sticker on the emergency brake cable under car located under drivers seat area.) Feel free to e-mail me HotRodHarrys@aol.com

The Original owner was a serious collector of early Cadillacs and this 73 Olds Cutlass was his only Musclecar. I HAVE REPLACED THE ORIGINAL DUAL EXHAUST (the original exhaust was still very thick but the outside rusted and one of the mufflers seams gave way, so I thought it would be best to replace it with a perfect new dual exhaust system) AND I PUT A NEW GAS TANK IN (too many years of storage with fuel in car. Why take any chances), TUNE UP PARTS AND THATS IT!!! EVERYTHING ELSE IS FACTORY ORIG. FROM 73 THAT CAME ON THE CAR.

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