1968 Hurst Olds (sold back in 2006)
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(SOLD) Here are some photo's of my all numbers matching Frame Up restored 1968 Hurst Olds. Only 5 miles (to make sure all is working perfectly) since every nut and bolt restoration. Everything is new or rebuilt, including the Matching Numbers Engine/Trans and Posi Rear. My 1968 Hurst Olds...is Number 84 built out of 153 A/C cars (515 total production). 96,000 miles on her life before she was born again. She is a very rare musclecar.

My Good Friend LC's restoration made this 68 Hurst Olds become one of the best 68 H/O Restorations out there. Jetico Car Restorations of Oklahoma did the painstaking very correct restoration (LC is known for his Oldsmobile Restorations... Hurst Olds/442 being his expertise too). This restoration took almost 5 years to complete. No expense was spared to make her the best correctly restored 68 Hurst Olds in the country (I believe).

My 68 Hurst Olds was shipped to Miller Olds/Cadillac in Walnut Creek, Calif on 6/13/68. I have all the original owner registration documents. History of her is... Original owner was California. Second owner Florida, Third Owner Pennsylvania(Started Frame Up Resto). Then to my buddy LC in Oklahoma and now the finished jewel to me in New Jersey. Even the original California Black Plate and Owners Registration

And yes... its all numbers correct... from the correct numbers matching wheel valvestem caps to the correct 68 valve keepers in the rebuilt engine. Numbers matching Rebuilt Engine/Rebuilt Trans/Rebuilt Rear/NOS Carb/Rebuilt Correct coded Master Cylinder/NOS Fuel Pump. All the brakes are new including brake lines.. fuel lines. The correct G-70-14 Goodyear Polyglass Tires. The center wheel trim rings are painted on, not chrome. I have the wood steering on her now.. and do have the original deluxe black steering wheel. Everything is correct and restored as the car was orignally made at Hurst.

The factory stripes that were on the car were documented and painted on - again, to perfection.... as they were exactly done at Hurst. Every part as it came apart we put back as it was in before the restoration. You will notice that the engine oil filler tube is bent.. this was only on the W46 a/c optioned cars - Meaning... some items may not seem correct... but infact... are. I do have the correct oil filter, belts and front dated spiral shocks on too.. just not on the car for these pics.

The numbers on the rear left frame rail are not the vin. That is a frame production sequence number. The 5 15 is probably the frame build date and the CJ code is for a 442 frame - which is smooth as glass.

This is a garage/trailer queen (hardest part is not driving her). My 68 Hurst Old has never been forsale on Ebay since her completion. You cannot get any closer to a correct 68 Hurst Olds without going back in time to 1968.

CLICK HERE for a nice video of my 1968 Hurst Olds at idle...

Some 68 Hurst Olds info:

Hurst has always been well known for their shifters. But nothing brought more visibility to the company like the Hurst/Olds specialty car line. The first Hurst/Olds venture was developed in 1968. Originaly slated to produce 500 special edition cars that would feature Hurst as the performance flagship for the Oldsmobile name.

George Hurst approached "DOC" Watson with a plan to produce what he called, 'an Executive Hot Rod'. He envisioned using the Olds 4-4-2 2 door hardtop as the platform. At that time, GM had a ban on any motor larger than 400 cubic inches in the A-bodied intermediate cars. By working together with Hurst, Watson suggested that the cars be sent to Hurst for the installation of the 455 cubic inch Toronado V-8. A loophole that proved to be a good remedy to the ban. With Drag Racing as a fore front vision of the Hurst line, all cars were to receive the 3.91:1 gears as standard equipment (all production cars used this ratio except when equipped with air - then 3.08:1 gears were used.).

All Cutlasses were shipped to Hurst in the base Peruvian Silver without engines.(or so GM says.. not true though so we hear). Once at Hurst, the specially built 455's were installed. At this point, the beefed-up 455 was producing 390 horsepower! The Ram Air assemblies were added as well as the special Black paint appointments. The Red Fenderwells were a surprise to Hurst when they started receiving the 442's from Oldsmobile. All Hurst/Olds were hand pin striped at a cost of $20.00 per car.

Two days after the announcement of the special car went out to the dealers, a total of 900 orders were placed. The next day, the total was 2600! The problem with having 3000 Olds dealers was how to distribute the 500 Hurst/Olds 4-4-2's? By the time all sales were final, a total of 515 units were produced.

Performance tests from Car Craft reported... 'out of the four cars tested, Quarter mile times ranged from 12.97 at 108mph to 13.33 at 104mph.'

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