2008 Roush P51A Mustang
By: Harry Mager | 01.19.2010 | 20:17:19 | Views: 5770

Here are some pics of my Dad's 2008 Roush P51A Mustang. Number 100 of 151 made (originally only 100 were to be made).

524 rwhp! 521 torque with just a tune! Totally stock P51A!!

My Dads Roush P51A going thru some gears.Mickey Thompson Drag Radials(28 lbs air in tires) 524 rwhp. Thats totally stock with the new Roush updated tune for early production P51 cars in 2008. Number 100 is my dads and was originally suppose to be the last one made..later they decided to build 151 total

Here are two videos of my dad in his P51A

Yes he is 68 going on 18 :)



My dad's P51A Ford Mustang with a beautifully restored P51 Mustang WW2 Airplane

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