HotRodHarrys 1985 Saleen Mustang #0098 (sold)
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Our 1985 Saleen Mustang w/64k miles.

Out of a private collection of four 85 Saleens that were sold in 2013... Number 98 ..1 of 140 total made.

Originally out of Kansas City Missouri

Rare Sunroof car! 1 of 1 white/blue Sunroof 85 Saleen Mustangs.

The first full production year for Saleen....

Last year for the Holley 4 Barrel Carb and No Computer!!

No engine or exhaust mods.

Original exhaust and even the spark plug wires are 1985 dated.

Added new mufflers now 4-5-14 and tuneup pieces ...

..still needs the heater core done..normal on these cars

I never drive her in the cold anyway

Tons of documentation from original dealer/first owner to second owner and so on...authenticity letter from Steve Saleen and a Marti Report.

And yes..we have clear headlight covers too..but those are the original
ones that were painted white on the inside back in the 80's was the trim..that everyone does seem to love painted white....I like it this way too...its as it was in the late 80's.....

its an era correct car..if a purist wants it....they can spend the 100 dollars for the black trim paint.

The paint is so nice on those parts I just coudnt do it.

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