HotRodHarrys 1998 Saleen Mustang 0088 SOLD
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No. 98-0088

Dash Signed by Steve Saleen...Original Paint ..63k miles ..
very rare automatic(only seen1 other automatic 98) Saleen Did make 5 for Budget Rental...
Original Saleen/Borla Machine Gun Tip Exhaust.

1 of 1 verified by Saleen in white with the saddle leather and white wheels.

Tons of Documenation including original window sticker.

Original Suspension with new coil spring isolators all around

Not a mint show car....but one very rare badass looking Saleen SN95.

AC and heat work and fan/vents too in all positions .....

All power accessories work. Fully loaded.

Gets tons of looks and thumbsup everywhere you go.

Runs and Drives Great!

New tires and upgraded brakes.

Amazing car to just get in and enjoy

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My 26th Mustang Owned and 113th car owned through the years.

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