HotRodHarrys 1985 SVO Mustang Competition Prep Car - SOLD!
By: Harry Mager | 04.27.2015 | 11:52:57 | Views: 2540


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SOLD! Original Paint ..purchased from the original owner

My 27th Mustang Owned and 114th car owned thru the years.

1 of 20 Competition Preparation Optioned Factory cars made in 85

The Factory Comp Prep Option consisted of all SVO standard luxury items A/ Radio..No power windows..No power hatch... Built by Ford to road race....Runs and drives amazing! Love it! Ported and polished intake. Has updated handling suspension..larger sway bars and bigger brakes too. Needs nothing..ready to just get in and enjoy. Amazing very rare fun car that turns heads wherever it goes

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