Videos - 2007 Mustang GT

JDM Day video from Nov. 19th 2008. Ran three times that day...all in the 10's.

2008 JDM Day Recap Video.... also, Pickin' on HotRodHarry.
Again guys...I had a blast! Thanks for taking care of me all season!

JDM Day 2008 Recap

2007 Mustang GT Automatic 11.57 at 120.21mph (update 10.88 @ 127mph now)
UPDATE! I gotta get more movies of this car running down track... sorry. (9-23-08) 10.88 AT 126.79 mph now!! 13.5 lbs of boost now.
Here is the time slip link. did an awesome job on my car. Thanks! Sorry about the video taping... my kids were bugging my wife as you can hear. Next time will be even better. Everything listed in my mods is all I have. No fancy lower or adjustable upper control arms... no fancy shocks... no swaybar delete or taking out the interior.


My 07 Mustang GT On the Dyno getting tuned ala SuperCharger!



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