Videos - 1996 Firebird IROC Racecar

The guy I sold my I.R.O.C. racecar too in California....a video of the car ripping around a road course at ThunderHill 11-10-09.


Here is the good bye SPEED CHANNEL "Wind tunnel" interview with Jay Signore (owner/manager IROC).
My car is in the Background.


This is Daytona 2000 with Jeff Burton racing in my car and clip of my car, Creme colored car
with Dale Earnhardt winning Daytona 1999.


This is video showing various IROC races


This is Jeff Burton in the Creme colored car (my car) Talladega 1999

This one is Michigan 1999 Rusty Wallace in 3rd... Creme colored car is the one I own now.
(Painted Black and Purple later on)



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